[Big alkali steamed bread method and recipe]_How to do_Production method

[Big alkali steamed bread method and recipe]_How to do_Production method

The northerners, especially the Shandong steamed buns, are very famous. They are delicious and easy to digest. If you have a bad stomach, you should eat large steamed buns. The alkali in the steamed buns can neutralize the stomach well.The acid is good for the stomach. Not everyone will make large alkaline steamed buns. If you want to do a good job, you must pay attention to the formula and proportion. Otherwise, the resulting steamed buns will not be softened and fluffy.what is it then?

The key to making alkaline steamed buns is to ferment.

Yeast can chemically change the starch of the dough, produce sugar, alcohol and acid, and emit carbon dioxide gas.

However, if the heating method is not suitable, you can directly put it on the pan and use a soldering iron. Due to uneven heating, it can only become a “scones” with hard skin and soft inside; in order to get loose buns, you must ask high temperature steam to help.

When people put the kneaded raw buns into the steamer, the hot steam quickly surrounds the buns and heats the buns uniformly from all around.

The carbon dioxide gas in the head expands due to heat, but it does not easily come out. It can only be drilled in and out, so it expands a lot of small cavities, making the steamed buns loose and sloppy.

If you put some sugar in the noodles, the fermentation is sufficient, the steam temperature is high, and the steam supply is fierce, you can steam out the “flowering” steamed buns on the surface.

Such steamed buns are flexible and taste sweet and delicious.

The main material is fat hair noodles (large alkali hair noodles).

Wash hands and wash basin.

Use noodles to make noodles (usually called soda flour noodles), tear the noodles (also called old noodles, noodles) into small pieces and soak them in warm water for 30 minutes, then pour the noodles in and mix well. Wake up for 8 hours until the noodles are launched1 times the original, and then feel the alkali until the dough has no sour taste, a little alkaline taste, and wake up for half an hour.


Take an appropriate amount of flour (as shown, usually 4 small boxes) and put it in a clean pot.

Add the soaked flour and soaking water to the flour together. If there is not enough water, add as appropriate.

The ratio of liquid to solid is 1: 2.

I started kneading the dough. I like to put it in a bread machine and choose the kneading position.

If there is no bread machine, knead it, cover it, and leave it in a warm place to ferment.

The fermentation temperature needs 30-40 degrees.

Basically not hot.


If the dough is torn and honeycomb-shaped and slightly sour, take out the noodles and place on the panel and add an appropriate amount of edible alkali (melting about 2 grams of soda ash into the dough with a small amount of warm water) while kneading,When the acidity is not smelled, the dough with a large forefinger is toasted and cooked by the stove. If there is no yellowness, if the nose smells no acidity, it is suitable to apply alkali, and it must be shaped.

If it is yellow, it is more alkaline, you can put it for a while, send it again, and then steam it.

If you smell sour, you have less alkali and you need to apply a little alkali to shape.


Put dry flour on the panel, knead the dough, knead the alkaline water and dough, and ferment it again.


Knead the noodles into strips. Use your left hand to place the right side of the noodle block. The width of the four fingers of your hand is the same. Move your left hand to the left, chop the next piece, and then move to the left in order to avoid hurting your hand.

Pay attention to cover with cloth and leave it for two or three minutes.


Put a cover cloth on the steamer in a cold water pot (you can use steamer paper or apply a layer of lard, if not, use plastic wrap), put the dough in, taking care to leave enough space.

In the fire, start timing when steaming, and steam for 25 minutes.

Put some vinegar in the water in the steamer to prevent the steamed buns from getting steamy. Be sure to put the steamed buns in cold water and then power on.


Try not to open the lid during the steaming process. Depending on the size of the steamed bread, the mastering time is 25 minutes or 30 minutes.

After 3-5 minutes, you can open the lid.