[Is sexual fantasy too strong is a disease]

[Is sexual fantasy too strong is a disease]

Regarding sexual fantasies during sex, some people have put forward such an opinion. Before the sexual tension is released, men’s facial muscles are tightened tightly and even distorted, so the expression is serious, so women are unwilling to open their eyes.

They would rather close their eyes and imagine in their hearts that they are one with a handsome and handsome man rather than their husband.

Is this a bit ridiculous?

I think few people can accept it, at least no one dares to admit it publicly in front of her husband.

You can say that this opinion is ridiculous, as to whether you dare to admit it is another matter, but you can’t do this to obliterate the fact that according to the survey of sexology experts, a considerable number of women have experienced sexual lifeSuch imagination can gradually increase one’s sexual excitement.

Once you understand this fact, many men will feel embarrassed and think that their image and ability are inferior, which will cause women to have sexual fantasies.

And many women themselves are upset and guilty about this sexual fantasy, and therefore deliberately suppress it.

In fact, both ideas are wrong.