12 deadliest ideas in career

12 deadliest ideas in career

1. I always feel that I am not good enough. Although such people are smart and experienced, once they are promoted, they have no confidence and feel incompetent.

In addition, he does not have the ambition to climb up, and always feels that his position is already too high, maybe one or two levels lower may be more suitable.

  This self-destructive and self-limiting behavior is sometimes unconscious.

However, as a senior executive in an enterprise, such unconscious behavior can cause a large price for the enterprise.

  2. The world is black or white when looking at the world like black or white.

They believe that everything should be judged objectively like a test with standard answers.

They always feel that they are defending faith and adhering to principles.

However, these principles may be completely ignored by others.

As a result, such people are always fighting alone and often defeated.

  3, the endless pursuit of excellence This kind of person requires himself to be a hero, and also strictly requires others to reach his standard.

At work, they asked themselves and their subordinates to “more, restart, better.”

As a result, the subordinates were exhausted and “jumped for survival”, and those who remained were even more tired.

As a result, the turnover rate is steadily increasing, causing a burden on enterprises.

  This kind of person is suitable for independent work. If he is a supervisor, he must hire a special person. When he asks his subordinates too much, he boldly reminds him.

  4. Avoiding conflicts unconditionally. Such people generally avoid conflicts at all costs.

In fact, different opinions and conflicts can stimulate vitality and creativity.

A supervisor who has proven to be a subordinate’s argument may, in order to avoid conflict, be despised by subordinates or other departments.

In order to maintain peace, they suppress their feelings, and as a result, they seriously lack the ability to face and resolve conflicts.

In the end, this inability to resolve conflicts spread to marriage, parent-child, brotherhood, and friendship.

  5, arbitrarily suppress the opponents. They are tough and ruthless, just like a bulldozer. Anyone who blocks the way will be leveled, because the rampage is too aggressive, and they do not know the detour skills, which may hurt theirCareer.

  6. Naturally like to attract people’s attention. This kind of person strives for some kind of ideal.

In a stable society or business, they always take a stand quickly and feel that compromise is humiliation. If no one pays attention to them, they will become worse until someone pays attention.

  7, overconfidence, eager to succeed This kind of person is overconfident and eager to succeed.

They are unrealistic, and when they are looking for work, they are not the leading companies to avoid talking, otherwise they will stand on their own.

When working in large companies, most of them volunteered and demanded to be responsible for work beyond their capabilities.

As a result, the mission was not fulfilled, and he would not stop swinging the stick. Instead, he wanted to use higher achievements to make up for the previous promise, and the result became a general defeat.

  This kind of person is mainly lack of psychological affirmation, and must find the psychological roots in order to stop constantly wanting to swing.

In addition, you must also force yourself to “do nothing, do nothing.”

  8. Being tied up by difficulties, they are typical pessimists and they like to worry about others.

Before taking action, he would imagine every possible outcome and be worried.

Such persons act as supervisors and will be delayed if they are in trouble.

Because he was too concerned about the sense of shame, and even worried that his subordinates would be in a state of embarrassment.

  Such people must train themselves, and when they think of anything, they must control the fear in their hearts and make themselves more and more mobile.

The most effective way to survive in the workplace!

  9, negligence, such a person does not understand human nature at all, it is difficult to understand the emotions of fear, love, anger, greed and compassion.

When they talk on the phone, they usually do n’t even say hello, go straight to the topic, and lack the ability to compare hearts to hearts. They want to exclude emotional factors from the decision-making process.

  This kind of person must do an “emotion audit” for themselves and understand that they are more sensitive to certain feelings; ask friends or colleagues if they find that you ignore the feelings of others, collect actual cases of their behavior patterns, re-execute the entire situation, and changebehavior.

  10. People who don’t know how to pretend to work, like to say, “These jobs are really boring.”But what they really felt was,” I can’t do any work well. ”

“They want to be successful at a young age, but they don’t like studying, asking for help, or asking for advice, because they will be considered” incompetent “, so they have to pretend to understand.

Moreover, their demands for perfection were severely delayed, resulting in severe work paralysis.

  11. Some people who can’t control their mouths often don’t know. Some topics can be talked in public, and some content can only be said in private.

These people are usually good people and have no intentions, but in organizations that pay attention to the organization level, such uncontrollable people will only kill their careers.

  They must at all times set up warning signs for themselves to remind themselves of what they can say and what they cannot say.

What kind of MM is best to find a job . 12.

Is my way right?

  Such people always feel that they have lost their career direction.

“Is it the right path?

“They always doubt it.

They feel that their role is optional, can’t keep up with others, and has no sense of belonging.