Foot Discomfort Alerts to Hidden Body Illness

Foot Discomfort Alerts to Hidden Body Illness

Walking upright with two feet is an important sign that humans are different from other animals, and takes humans through countless beautiful landscapes.

However, the feet are extremely susceptible, and one in two people is found to have the disease.

When you have 6 kinds of discomfort in our feet, be especially careful, this may be a signal of physical illness.


Pain in the feet When walking, fracture or stepping, the thumb joints and the soles of the feet are painful, but there is no redness and swelling. It may be damage to the plantar muscles. You can soak your feet with hot water every night.May be the fault of wearing high heels for a long time.

It is recommended to wear high-heeled shoes and flat-heeled shoes. If you must wear them, it is best to choose shoes with wide heads and thick soles;Consider whether you have diabetes.


Heel pain Fracture Heel pain is caused by inflammation of the ligaments, and inappropriate shoes are the most important.

Long-term wear of soles that are too hard, too soft or too thin will cause problems.

In addition, heavier people also tend to have heel pain.

  Experts point out that to protect the heel, you must choose shoes, buy shoes, you must fit your feet, leave a horizontal finger distance before toes, and less wear flat shoes with thin soles.


Toenails are thick and yellowing is usually caused by a fungal infection. Some people are unaware, but this infection will soon spread to all toenails, causing it to emit an unpleasant smell and darken its color.

If the nails are crisp, it means beriberi infection, but if the nails are thick, the toenails may be damaged.


Two-foot numbness is caused by numbness in hands and feet. Most of the symptoms are caused by the feet being continuously placed in a certain position. This symptom will disappear on its own.Numbness, such as thrombotic vasculitis, should be taken seriously.


In addition to prolonged standing, sitting or squatting, swelling of the feet, and swelling that occurs during menstruation and pregnancy, the swelling of the feet may be a signal of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases.


Foot Cramps When you sleep, foot cramps are always present. You should increase your calcium, potassium, and magnesium intake.

When your feet are cramped, you can massage the painful area or apply cold.

To avoid cramps, stretch your feet before bed and drink a cup of hot milk.